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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

All of us have gifts that if we dare to share could change someone's life. 


What do you wish you could do?  What would you share if you could?


Our Story

Our mission is to offer veterans a path for restoring overall health and well being, by getting them on the water with sailing instruction and teaching new skills through wooden boat restoration. 


Through common purpose and teamwork they will rediscover inner strengths and share in the camaraderie of fellow veterans.


Terry didn't want to sail alone in Valiant, his 45' Sparkman Stephens that he restored with his father and son; so he started inviting veterans.  It didn't take him long to realize he enjoyed this, and the folks he took were enjoying it too.


He began to think it wasn't so crazy that providing the unique experience of sailing a classic wooden boat was helpful to some veterans, even necessary. Yes, he grew up and around wooden boats in Sausalito so he was already pretty far gone, and he figured some of the magic, beauty and peace would rub off on folks who truly need it - those who serve our

country. So in 2013 WBFV was born.








Then in 2016 came Clover, a 68' gaff-rigged cutter built in Southampton England in 1938, and saw service in WWII.  She is completing a full restoration and will take her first sail in two decades in 2024, and begin preparations to sail to Hawaii in 2026.

In the ten years since WBFV began, the band has grown to an amazingly talented and committed team, focused on steady and thoughtful growth. Along the way we've met  loads of friends who give their time, talent and treasure, resulting in a growing community dedicated to helping each other help veterans. 


Over 300 veterans have sailed with us and many more have worked together to keep these boats thriving.  The experiences we bring promote mindfulness, a sense of adventure, and a warm community for veterans to get outside their own head. 


You never know where following your passion will lead you!  Ours is sailing, nerding out on wooden boats, and helping veterans make their problems diminish. 

What's your passion?


Our Vision

It's simple - 

Restore Clover

... and sail her to Hawaii

... with a crew of Veterans

... in 2026

It informs everything we do and how we do it; how we plan, develop, recruit, operate, restore, and grow.  We are on a journey to develop our program to extend our regular coastal  to Southern California in 2025

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