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Spotlight on Sunda

Updated: Jun 18

Sunda went into the yard May 25th and exited on June 8th. Vets did the following:

1. Topsides prepped and re-painted yellow (of course!)

2. Frame sistered. The newly laminated sister for the cracked frame on the starboard was installed fastened before painting the topsides. (This involves fastening the sister in place with bronze screws from the planking, and then covering the countersunk holes with wood plugs.)

3. Stern bulwark. Primered and painted the new section of bulwark installed by Ross

4. Cockpit well. taped off, primered and painted the white cockpit well.

5. Forward hatch. Repaired the loose hinge

6. Caulking. Reefed out and re-caulked a two foot section on the starboard bow at the waterline.

7. Dutchman. Found and repaired area of rot four strakes below the waterline with a small graving piece.

8. Bottom. Tape off and roll on 2 coats of anti-fouling paint on the bottom.

9. Zinc. Hang and wired new zincs.

Kudos to:

- The folks at Svendsen's Bay Marine; they did their usual first class job and efficiently moved the boat through the tasks so that she was only out for the absolute minimum time.

- Richardson Bay Boatworks and Ways. Prior to the haulout, Ross Sommer did a thoroughly professional job of investigating and addressing damage in the transom and rebuilding the area.

- Bob Rogers, former owner of Sunda who donated her after 35 years of ownership to WBFV. Bob came down and devoted his own time in working on his old boat, and on top of all he donated a brand new Festool sander vaccuum sander to WBFV.

- Vets Supporting, Jason Chittavong, Chris Hernandez and John Dubpernell for chipping in.

- Jim Linderman for bringing Sunda over from Sausalito

- Mark Simon for helping me bering her back to Sausalito.

Come see her at the Wooden Boat Show on June 18th at the Corinthian Yacht Club!

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