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We believe in the power of the Veteran to change the world. The way they start is by sailing together. We happen to sail in the San Francisco Bay Area. Want to Join Us?

Our Mission: Provide measurable improvement in health and well-being to military veterans who suffer from PTSD and Traumatic Injuries, using mindfulness-based therapeutic sailing.

VetsBoats is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring health and well-being to military veterans suffering from PTSD and traumatic injuries through the transformative power of wooden boats and sailing.


Founded by veterans for veterans, we operate primarily on the San Francisco Bay and beyond, offering a unique blend of marine education, sail training, and boat restoration programs. Our purpose is to inspire and motivate veterans to move from isolation into active participation and community.


Through our carefully crafted programs, we create an environment where veterans can rediscover their inner strengths and experience the camaraderie of fellow service members. This shared purpose and teamwork are fundamental to our approach, fostering healing and personal growth.


At the heart of our work is the belief in the therapeutic benefits of sailing and maritime activities. We offer three core programs, each designed to promote teamwork, community healing, and mindfulness.


Our approach is supported by Veterans Administration studies, which have shown that sailing activities, when combined with professional therapeutic treatment, significantly enhance positive outcomes for participants.


VetsBoats is more than just a sailing organization; we are a community dedicated to making a lasting difference in the lives of those who have served our country. By sharing the magic and beauty of wooden boats, we provide a unique pathway to recovery, growth, and renewed purpose for our nation's veterans.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Today we live amidst a silent crisis: over one million Veterans are battling some form of addiction, and since 9/11 30,000 veterans have taken their own lives. VetsBoats is part of a grassroots effort to reverse this trend; to raise awareness, provide hope and community, and to make a difference that sends ripples outward to Veterans and their families all around us.


We leverage our relationships with veteran service orgs and Veteran Service Offices to reach the veterans most in need. VetsBoats is an approved organization for Veterans to perform community service. We make sure veterans get access to the benefits that they have earned from their service. And we remain in contact with them through surveys and regular engagement, giving them opportunities to come together in community to work and sail and enjoy the camaraderie that helps them heal each other.


In 2024, VetsBoats plans to introduce over five hundred Veterans to Sailing and Begin Sea Trials for Clover.

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