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Mindfulness & Restoration

Why VetsBoats

VetsBoats was born in 2014 from the passions of founder Terry Moran. Growing up on a wooden boat in Sausalito CA, he loved sailing with friends aboard Valiant, his 45' Sparkman Stephens that he restored with his father and son. Being a Navy grad and veteran, he invited other veterans and soon learned that he — and they — enjoyed the process and the rewards. Since then over 1,000 veterans and their families have come sailing, in a network of over 10 boats. 

Today, VetsBoats is restoring the Sailing Vessel Clover strictly for the healing camaraderie that will come from this storied ship. 

sailing boat restoration for vetrans with ptsd

Clover's Journey

Clover, a 1938 gaff-rigged sailing vessel, is commandeered by the Royal Navy for six years of wartime support around the British Isles from Dunkirk to Fastnet Rock.


Heading for the breaker's yard, Clover is acquired by VetsBoats. The vision: operate marine education research programs and blend marine science and the VA’s therapeutic activities.


Restoration continues to re-create the original traditional sailing aspects of the boat. In addition, VetsBoats builds a ramp and lifting rail to make the vessel wheelchair accessible.


The vessel is berthed most of the year at Sugar Dock in Richmond to provide marine education to regional veteran groups.


Exploration trips on San Francisco Bay begin. Veterans who have had their hands in restoration get to experience Clover's new lease on life.


Clover continues visiting communities along the Pacific Coast and in Baja California to encourage veterans to embrace regional educational and research programs.


Clover is put into service as VetsBoats Flagship vessel and sails to Hawaii with a veteran-only crew.


We invite you to join us on our journey to change lives, one person at a time. Through common purpose and teamwork, veterans will rediscover their inner strengths and share in the camaraderie of fellow veterans.

Join Us to Make a Difference

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